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No resellers, no hidden costs, buy directly from the manufacturer a racing exhaust for your motorcycle


Xracing is a small  motorbike silencer manufacturer since 1998, each single silencer is designed by qualified engineers, handmade and personally tested by the manufacturer, which is a biker himself.
XRacing exhausts
are a Made in Italy Product as the company is located in Italy, exactly in the same region in which Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati were born.
Xracing sells directly to the customers, therefore you won't find neither dealers nor resellers in your surroundings. This business model allows the company to make its products very affordable and competitive

Xracing has developed a wide range of racing silencers dedicated to the four-stroke engines motorbikes.

Furthermore, within our vast on-line catalogue you can find silencer models that suit to almost all motorbikes brands, no matter what the segment they belong to Street, Enduro, Motocross, Supermotard, ATV or Pit bike! 

Xracing silencer are rigourosly handmade by using top quality raw materials such as titanium, carbonium, anodized aluminium and stainless steel. In addition we do use the most effective fonoabsorbing  materials available in the market.
Not only our silencer are incredibly light and nice looking, but on top of it they offer a sensible power increase at all engine stages.Fact, Xracing is the better and affordable way to increase your motorbike performances. The exhausts are guaranteed for one year with the exception of the carbon sheaths (tubes).



Only Xracing allows you to equipe your motorbike
with a cool, coloured silencer.
There are 15 different configurations to choose from, just pick one!!
The Cromatic aspect they have is amazing. Available colors are: light-blue, gold, red, green and black


After more than a year of testing, both in our laboratories and in real life races, we are have launched a complete range of DUALPOWER head pipes for all recent Japanese motorbikes belonging to the Enduro, Cross and Supermotard segments

Xracing is an authorized reseller for all CRD products. If you are interested in 2strokes silencers and pipes, programmable ignition boxes, radiator and engine guard, special air cleaners, shields and mufflers for Quad bikes.

For any enquiry or to make an order please send us an email

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